“The only people who truly got rich from the Gold Rush of 1849 were the people selling shovels, pans, tents, and shoes.” – Unknown

gold pan

Cyber Optimize used to be a company that chased the headlines of SEO and internet marketing, just like those who traveled across the country and across the ocean to get their feet wet in guaranteed wealth. Yesterday it was gold, today it is internet traffic. Little has changed though. The same get rich quick and pie-in-the-sky dreams are being sold to casual bloggers, internet marketers, content creators, and entrepreneurs of all types. Instead of mining gear we are sold plugins, ebooks, keyword software, ranking algorithms and all the like. These individuals and companies are making a lot of money off of our hopes and dreams.

Today is a different day. Cyber Optimize is using honesty, excellent content and a glorified great experience to make money online. Call us the organic and fair trade of internet marketing. Unfortunately our past is riddled with buying backlinks and filling the wallets of ninja’s, guru’s, self-titled experts. We have woken up and we are sick of shelling out our hard earned money on products and services we don’t need, are unethical to our traffic and long term not sustainable to a business.

If you shares these views we welcome you to push further. Break away from the sensationalism and focus on your work, your creation and your intended goal. It’s a lot harder work but it comes out that much better.